Sales Consulting

We have been fortunate to be involved in turning around or setting up businesses, from office automation products to hybrid cloud solutions.

Developing these businesses at local, regional and national levels has given us insights into how to build a successful business, help existing customers and add new customers.

The founder has nearly 30 successful years in developing businesses in India and APAC. With this wealth of knowledge and experience available, we will help you successfully grow faster than market.

We will provide business strategies, and practical assistance for new and existing businesses. We will help you to establish effective sales team and/or distribution network.

Existing Setup

Many times an external expert view of a situation can reveal challenges and opportunities that may not appear obvious to those within. You may also want to start a new division but you may not have the bandwidth to build the sales org for this division.

Our unique and proven approach will identify gaps, prepare corrective measures and help you to build a future-ready organisation.

We will assess all areas including Sales Compensation, Territory alignment, Coaching requirements and Customer engagements.


Starting a new company or division can be a real challenge regardless of your experience.

we provide you with the framework or active support that will build a strong sales organisation ready to take on industry disruption.

We can work through short term leaps and long term active support.